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The CzechLink capital participation project brings together investors who are considering capital entry into a local company with firms that are seeking an investor. The project supports mergers, acquisitions and joint-venture partnerships.

CzechLink is a tool which helps investors to identify potential M&A targets or joint-venture partners. It efficiently matches local companies with investors’ needs and provides investors with business and financial information materials of small, medium-sized and large enterprises in the manufacturing and IT industries that are registered in the CzechLink database. Eligible firms must have at least a five-year history and no prior declaration of bankruptcy, insolvency proceedings or reorganisation.

The project is intended for strategic and financial investors with a declared interest in the Czech capital market who sign a non-disclosure agreement with CzechInvest. After this step, the given investor receives a presentation of the selected company, a so-called prospectus, if the sell-side agrees. If both parties express interest, CzechInvest subsequently organises a meeting. 

CzechLink Prospectus includes:

  • company profile, its ownership structure and legal form
  • quality control
  • product portfolio
  • economic indicators
  • overall economic situation of the company
  • equity offer
  • location of the company and distance from the main traffic junctions
  • labour indicators
  • technology profile
  • top customers
  • main competitors

CzechInvest assists investors in negotiations with selected Czech local targets and provides them with professional help. Employees of the agency, which has offices in all regions of the country, know the domestic industrial environment very well. They can also:

  • match investors with consulting companies that can assist with the due-diligence phase
  • introduce investors to domestic commercial banks that can assist with financing
  • present grant schemes or investment incentives for post-merger expansions

Participation in the CzechLink project is free of charge.

The Process


In the table below, it is possible to find an anonymised list of Czech investment targets registered in the CzechLink project as of 20 March 2020. Should you be interested in their detailed prospectus, please contact CzechInvest at

An anonymised list of Czech investment targets registered in the CzechLink project as of 16 December 2020:

  Market Company Profile Legal Form Equity offer Headcount Total Earnings ('000) EBITDA ('000)
1 IT Industry Original software development, custom software development, and resource optimization in the financial sector and the airline industry. LLC Majority/100%/Minority 19 CZK 29,173 CZK 7,986
EUR 1,079.72 EUR 295.57
USD 1,169.18 USD 320.06
2 Electronics An electronics and IT company intends to sell its sheltered workshop which focuses on the production of parts for the automotive industry (manual and semi-automatic production) and luxury cosmetics packaging. LLC Majority/100% 55 CZK 18,079 CZK 5,853
EUR 669.17 EUR 216.67
USD 723.07 USD 234.02
3 IT Industry Software development for strategic management and planning for companies. LLC Majority/Minority 24 CZK 37,589 CZK 1,748
EUR 1,440.46 EUR 66.98
USD 1,719.84 USD 79.98
4 Engineering Injection molding, chrome parts, cogwheels, ultrasonic welding, lightning conductors, stabilization of gravel surfaces. LLC Majority/Minority/Joint Venture 130 CZK 177,007 CZK 10,510
EUR 6,556.63 EUR 389.30
USD 7,070.67 USD 419.83
5 Engineering Production of measuring and pumping equipment, rotary volume gauges, filters, separators. JSC Joint Venture 250 CZK 370,144 CZK 81,699
EUR 13,447.52 EUR 2,967.85
USD 14,577.82 USD 3,217.65
6 IT Industry for Automotive Production of control and vizualisation systems for industrial automation, which are mainly applied to assembly lines in the automotive industry. LLC Majority/Minority/100%/Joint Venture 46 CZK 69,546.00 CZK 4,532.00
EUR 2,726.20 EUR 177.65
USD 3,164.34 USD 206.21
7 IT Industry Software and information systems development, EDI, ERP, WMS, CRM, MS NAVISION, ORION LLC Joint Venture 70 CZK 86,398.00 CZK 122.00
EUR 3,386.80 EUR 4.78
USD 3,931.11 USD 5.55
8 Metalworking Production of castings of grey cast iron, modular cast iron and aluminium. Manufacture of patterns, machining, painting and heat treatment. LLC Majority/Minority/100%/Joint Venture 160 CZK 324,479 CZK 30,946
EUR 11,963 EUR 1,141.40
USD 12,994.68 USD 1,239.63
9 Electric engineering Cooperative production according to customer documentation (winding), repairs of electric motors, sale and servicing of power tools. LLC Majority/100%/Joint Venture 18 CZK 8,834 CZK 167
EUR 325.29 EUR 6.15
USD 353.63 USD 6.69
10 Aviation Production of ultra-light airplanes (UL) and lightsport aircraft (LSA) and provides supplies for the aviation industry. LLC Majority/Minority/100%/Joint Venture 52 CZK 44,764 CZK 5,896
EUR 1,656.92 EUR 218
USD 1,794.87 USD 236.34
11 Textile industry Production of home textiles, tents, halls, shelters, fabrics, foils, covers, packaging materials, imitation leather, membranes, civilian and military fabrics. LLC Minority 401 CZK 396,763 CZK 368
EUR 14,702.45 EUR 13.63
USD 15,861.00 USD 14.71
12 Automotive Development and manufacturing of switches, rocker switches, transfer switches, pushbuttons, connectors, cable harnesses and lamp sockets, mainly for automotive and electrotechnical industry. LLC Majority/Joint Venture 30 CZK 25,243 CZK 3,247
EUR 998.34 EUR 128.42
USD 1,094.57 USD 140.79
13 Medical industry Production of body and limb orthoses made from different local and external materials, and also prosthetic aids from neoprene for medical purposes for the sportsmen. LLC Minority 14 CZK 7,631 CZK -970.00
EUR 282.72 EUR -36.17
USD 305.61 USD -39.08
14 Plastic
Production of assemblies, pre-assembly groups and assembling of headlights for automotive. JSC Majority/Minority/100%/Joint Venture 548 CZK 889,490.00 CZK 68,467.00
EUR 34,491.68 EUR 2,654.93
USD 38,285.42 USD 
15 Engineering Production of of single-purpose machines, assembly lines and robotized workplaces LLC Minority/JV 14 CZK 3,698.00 CZK -8.854.00
EUR 147.45 EUR -349.36
USD 159.60 USD -383.70

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