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Investment Week: South Moravian HR specialists look for signs of motivation in body language

The most recent conference of HR specialists in Brno was very interactive.


In connection with Investment Week, CzechInvest’s regional office in Brno held a conference of HR specialists on the topic of Motivation for Success on 27 May 2015. This edition of the seminar for fifteen participants from the ranks of HR managers and executives of manufacturing firms was more interactive than in the past.

Besides representatives of CzechInvest, the seminar programme also featured specialists from the companies GrowJob, s.r.o. and Option Sigma. The presentation by Option Sigma was especially successful, as it focused on motivation as seen from the perspective of body dynamics and was interspersed with numerous practical examples involving actual job candidates. 

CzechInvest’s Brno office organises conferences of HR specialists twice a year. Participants especially value discussions on current topics and trends, as well as new information and networking opportunities. The next such event will be held in November.