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Czech startup has signed a contract with Avio. They will optimize the production of launchers using AI

Czech startup has signed a contract with Avio. They will optimize the production of launchers using AI

Startup, which previously passed through ESA BIC Czech Republic, is dedicated to optimising production processes through artificial intelligence. It now reports success in the form of a collaboration with Avio, which supplies the European Union with launchers.

"We have signed a contract with Avio to supply our software, which uses artificial intelligence for statistical analysis. This means that we help to determine the effects of different variables on individual components, enabling more efficient production and increased product reliability," explains Martin Kubicek, CEO of "This contract is an important milestone for us as it is our first fully commercial collaboration with Avio. Avio is a leader in its field, so to be an official part of their supply chain is a great achievement." is dedicated to the development of probability algorithms that provide a unique view of the statistical impact of various parameters, and find applications in solving everyday engineering problems in all industries. The company's origins lie in the research of its CEO, Martin Kubicek, who worked on hypersonic flow and space re-entry simulations during his PhD studies at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. As a result, a start-up company was created, which in 2018 received support from the ESA business incubation centre in the Czech Republic. Since the end of the incubation period in 2020, the startup has managed to establish collaborations in the space industry and other sectors. For example, they have already worked with Avio and TekRevolution on an ESA contract, which was also supported by the Czech Ministry of Transport.

"The successes of our incubation graduates prove that ESA BIC Czech Republic supports companies with real potential and helps them to succeed in the market. Thanks to our help, they are turning their first prototypes into real products and winning their first customers. I believe that examples like will help other people with ideas on how to use space technologies to have the courage to apply for incubation and start their own business," comments Ivo Denemark, Director of the Startups and Venture Funds Division at CzechInvest Agency, which manages the ESA BIC Czech Republic programme.

"The support from ESA BIC Czech Republic has played a crucial role in the growth of our company. At the time of incubation, our product was still in its early stages. Thanks to ESA BIC, we were able to bring it to market in the form of an MVP. This gave us the opportunity to promote our software to large OEMs and to participate in bigger challenges. The credibility that the ESA BIC incubation gave us was also an important factor. AI technologies in engineering are somewhat new and some companies are skeptical about them. The patronage of ESA BIC gives us credibility and prestige," says Kubíček, reflecting on the start of his business.

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