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Database of Suppliers

Database of Suppliers

Sectoral Database of Suppliers

CzechInvest connects foreign investors with suppliers or JV partners from the Czech Republic.

  • Visit the Supplier Database, an efficient tool for searching Czech suppliers and potential JV partners
  • The database contains standardised profiles of more than 3,600 Czech manufacturing and ICT companies
  • Suppliers are classified into ten key sectors and further sorted into subcategories
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Where can you register?

The database is available here


Registration is free of charge


Who uses the database?

Investors and companies from all over the globe use the database to find suppliers or JV partners that best fit their needs and to get an overview of supplier status concerning a specific sector.

Our database is used by global companies such as BMW, Boeing, Cisco, Microsoft, IKEA, DHL, Nikon, KPMG, Siemens, Jaguar Land Rover, and many others.

Number of database accesses by country

Number of database accesses by country Source: CzechInvest, 2021
* Not including the Czech Republic

Number of companies in the database by sector

Number of companies in the database by sector Source: CzechInvest, 2021

Visits to Czech Companies

We are prepared to help you organize visits to selected suppliers and assist you during such visits. Our provided services include formulation of an itinerary of business trips in the Czech Republic, interpreting and transport.


Supplier days

CzechInvest uses the supplier database

  • to provide customised offers of suppliers and JV partners for foreign companies
  • to organize Supplier days

CzechInvest has extensive experience with organising Supplier days. The agency has organised such events for renowned clients such as Electrolux, Karmann, Delphi, Kone, Telefonica, Valeo Compressors, Honeywell, Samsung SDI, GE Aviation and JR East, among others.

Contact us

Roman KodetSenior Project Manager of the Sourcing
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