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CERN Venture Connect program

CERN Venture Connect program


Get access to the CERN Venture Connect program, so you can benefit from the CERN technologies, expertise, networking opportunities by the development of your deep technology startup.

CzechInvest is the CERN Venture Connect partner and we can help you with the application to the CERN Venture Connect program and assist you in our entrepreneurial journey with incubators, connection to the investors, technology as well as business consulting.

Contact for more information:

Kristina LiškováCERN Venture Connect manager for the Czech

Czechia and CERN: A Long-standing Partnership in Particle Physics

Czechia has been a proud member of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, since 1993. As a leading international research organization, CERN operates the world's largest laboratory dedicated to particle and nuclear physics and boasts 23 member states.

Czechia contributes approximately CZK 380 million to support CERN's groundbreaking research every year. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports oversees these contributions and manages Czech membership in CERN.

CzechInvest, the country's investment and business development agency, has recently joined forces with CERN Venture Connect. This program aims to foster startups by giving them access to CERN's expertise, technology, and networks. This collaboration opens doors for Czech startups to develop innovative solutions and gain global exposure.

CERN Technologies

CERN has developed unique technologies for the operation of the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. These technologies have varied applications in healthcare, environment, aerospace, and digital or quantum areas. CVC aims to provide a platform that assists startups in using these CERN technologies to create societal impact with highly beneficial terms.


Criteria for technology support

  • Headquarters in Czechia
  • Already established company
  • Small and medium-sized enterprise
  • Innovativeness, feasibility and scalability

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