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Highly Qualified Worker

Highly Qualified Worker

This programme is intended for employers that have been operating in the Czech Republic for a period of at least two years, have settled obligations toward the state and employ at least three people. Foreign employees can be included in the programme if they are authorised to submit a residence permit application at an embassy or consulate ensuring the implementation of the programme, i.e. such a foreign employee is a citizen and holder of a passport issued by such country, has a permit for a stay of more than 90 days in such country or permanent residence or is authorised to submit an application at any embassy or consulate. Such an employee must be in a position in the CZ-ISCO 1-3 classification and he/she will be guaranteed a salary at least in the amount of the average income according to the relevant CZ-ISCO sub-group or in the minimum amount stipulated for blue cards.

Applicants and their immediate family members included in the programme are guaranteed the possibility of submitting an employee-card application and are addressed by the relevant embassy or consulate with an assigned date for such purpose. The applicants can use the option of replacing certain requisites for submission of the employee-card application with a declaration from the employer in the scope allowed by the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals and the text of the programme.

Inclusion in the programme is valid for a period of one year.

Submission of applications for inclusion in the Highly Qualified Worker Programme:

  • applications for inclusion in the programme are received by the Ministry of Industry and Trade electronically via the e-mail address
  • applications for inclusion in the programme from healthcare-service providers for employees working in a healthcare profession are received by the Ministry of Health via the e-mail address

There is no legal entitlement to participation in the programme.

More detailed information, criteria for inclusion in the programme and forms are available in the annexes below.
All personal data of applicants will be further used solely for the purposes of the Highly Qualified Worker Programme.
Contact:, +420 296 342 405

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