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Investment Incentives

Investment Incentives

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Based on the Act No. 72/2000 Coll., investors who place or expand their investments in the Czech Republic can recieve support in the form of investment incentives. CzechInvest is the only organization in the Czech Republic with which investors can register their applications for investment incentives.

CzechInvest's Financial Support Section

  • has extensive experience with the administration of investment incentives
  • has processed more than 1,000 investment-incentives applications
  • will prepare a preliminary financial calculation of your investment project
  • will assist you and guide you through the process of applying for investment incentives
  • communicates in Czech and English (and also provides support in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) 
  • provides all services free of charge

Supported Areas

Supported Areas Source: Act on Investment Incentives No. 72/2000 Coll., as amended

Amount of Financial Support

Amount of Financial Support Source: Act on Investment Incentives No. 72/2000 Coll., as amended

Forms of Investment Incentives

Forms of Investment Incentives Source: Act on Investment Incentives No. 72/2000 Coll., as amended

Minimum Conditions

Minimum Conditions Source: Act on Investment Incentives No. 72/2000 Coll., as amended

Proposed Amendment to the Act on Investment Incentives

In the future, investment incentives should focus on support of projects with higher added value (R&D centers, BSS etc.). New investment incentives legislation shall be effective from 2019, thus it does not apply to any applications submitted to CzechInvest before the new law comes into effect. It is expected that R&D centers and BSS will be provided with cash grant financial support for each job created and for training anywhere in the Czech Republic. Cash grant on capital investment for strategic investment in R&D and high-tech repair centers shall be increased to 20% of eligible costs.

The requirement of minimal number of new jobs created should be set by government regulation, allowing for flexibility and ability to respond to the situation on labor market. In case of low unemployment rate the condition of jobs created would be lower or none and vice versa (mainly in manufacturing industry). Also, long-term EU residents and employees with part-time contracts will be counted towards new jobs.

For traditional manufacturing projects, higher added value condition should be introduced, e.g. a minimal wage requirement, specified share of R&D workers and university employees. In case of SME, minimum number of newly created jobs and minimum investment in not supported regions shall be reduced to half.

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