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CzechInvest preparing necessary steps to close its Moscow office

The agency is suspending all planned activities there

CzechInvest preparing necessary steps to close its Moscow office Source: Adobe Stock

From today, CzechInvest is withdrawing its foreign representation from Russia and is preparing all necessary steps to close its office in Moscow. Furthermore, CzechInvest is suspending all activities in the country, including events that have already been organised.

“Setting aside the personal and human assessment of this revolting act of aggression on the part of the Russian Federation, from an objective perspective it now makes no sense for CzechInvest to maintain its office in Russia at this time of the severest economic sanctions. CzechInvest’s foreign representative in Russia is currently in the Czech Republic and we will work together on the next steps to immediately close our office in Moscow. Where potential foreign investments from the Russian Federation in the Czech Republic are concerned, that will very much depend on the sanctions adopted. I cannot appraise the situation at this time; however, CzechInvest will henceforth no longer provide services to Russian investors in Moscow,” says Patrik Reichl, CEO of CzechInvest. 

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