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ESA BIC PRAGUE SPACE NIGHT II attracts beginning entrepreneurs

The workshop was focused on commercialisation of business plans


The second interactive workshop in the SPACE NIGHTS series focused on the development of technology-oriented start-ups was held on Monday, 19 September 2016. More than sixty beginning entrepreneurs, start-up founders and mentors came together at the Prague Startup Centre to share their business experience and ideas.

The invited speakers included entrepreneur Lukáš Hrdlička, whose Presenation agency teaches entrepreneurs how to present themselves and sell their ideas; Jiří Psota, cofounder of Bileto and partner for APOLLO 13; and Yalin Yüregil, director of the YeYe agency and member of the board of directors of the Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce.  During the evening, guests spoke about the topics of monetisation, business development and sales presentations. The event was held in connection with the ESA BIC Prague, a business incubation project focused on technologically progressive start-ups.

“The sky long ago ceased to be the limit and the Prague SPACE NIGHT II event showed us that nothing is impossible. It is astonishing how beginning entrepreneurs are pushing the boundaries and have the desire to commercialise technical achievements that can have a positive impact on our lives,” said Lukáš Hrdlička, founder of Presenation.

During the evening, entrepreneurs also demonstrated how to successfully start and further develop a business, how to find and negotiate with potential investors and how to acquire initial clients.

“I am very fond of the ESA BIC Prague SPACE NIGHT events, as they open up new possibilities for start-ups in the high-tech area. Events like this are great opportunities to establish new contacts and to develop the potential of both start-ups and investors,” said one of the speakers, Yalin Yüregil, member of the board of directors of the Czech-Turkish Joint Chamber of Commerce and founder and direct of the YeYe agency.