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fDi Intelligence ranks Prague in top 25 European regions of the future

Prague is ranked third among European cities in terms of human-resources potential

fDi Intelligence ranks Prague in top 25 European regions of the future

The British investment magazine fDi Intelligence has ranked Prague among the top 25 European regions of the future. According to the magazine’s regular European Cities and Regions of the Future assessment, Prague is also the third-best European city in terms of human resources and lifestyle, behind London and Paris.

“Prague is an attractive investment environment for foreign investors, especially thanks to its unique combination of historical charm and quality of life, as well as its high concentration of talent and industrial potential,” explains Karel Kučera, CEO of CzechInvest. “Strong multinational players such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Honeywell have operations here, employing both Czechs, who are valued for their professional skills and diligence, and foreigners, who are attracted to Prague by the city’s high standard of living including education, healthcare and so on.”

TOP 25 European Regions of the Future 2016/2017
Rank Region Country
1 North Rhine-Westphalia Germany
2 Ile-de-France France
3 South East England UK
20 South West England UK
21 Prague Region Czech Republic
22 Brabant Netherlands
25 Hamburg state Germany
source: fDi Intelligence

Three Czech cities are ranked in the top ten Eastern European cities of the future. Prague placed fourth, with Plzeň and Brno at seventh and tenth, respectively.


TOP 10 Major European Cities of The Future 2016/2017 - Human Capital and LifeStyle   TOP 10 Eastern European Cities of the Future 2016/2017
Rank City Country   Rank City Country
1 London UK   1 Moscow Russia
2 Paris France   2 Bucharest Romania
3 Prague Czech Republic   3 Warsaw Poland
4 Stockholm Sweden   4 Prague Czech Republic
5 Madrid Spain   5 Budapest Hungary
6 Moscow Russia   6 Bratislava Slovakia
7 Berlin Germany   7 Pilsen Czech Republic
8 Warsaw Poland   8 Cluj-napoca Romania
9 Helsinky Finland   9 Wroclaw Poland
10 Istambul Turkey   10 Brno Czech Republic
source: fDi Intelligence   source: fDi Intelligence

In its regular European Cities and Regions of the Future ranking, fDi Intelligence assesses economic potential, quality of life, cost effectiveness, infrastructure and business friendliness. A total of 481 locations were evaluated in European Cities and Regions of the Future 2016/2017.

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