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Online COVID-19 test helps people to correctly assess symptoms of possible illness

The test reveals possible coronavirus infection within three minutes

Online COVID-19 test helps people to correctly assess symptoms of possible illness Source:

An indicative Covid-19 test, which is available online, makes it possible to uncover the possible risk of coronavirus infection within three minutes. Nearly 75,000 individual users have taken the test nearly 90,000 times. Testing carried out to date indicates that roughly 11.5% of the people who have taken the test had serious symptoms of the disease. The purpose of the test is not only to help everyone who is interested to correctly assess symptoms of possible illness and advise them on the subsequent procedure, but also to protect overburdened medical workers against an unnecessary onrush of people.

The indicative Covid-19 test was developed in a short time by Czech technology companies together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the 1212 line. If users of the indicative test provide their e-mail addresses, they can receive important additional information on, for example, available testing and healthcare capacities, as well as instructions on how to proceed upon expiry of a certain period following the online test. “Thanks to the cooperation of our owner – the Prague-based company builder Creative Dock – with a Polish e-health technology company and a partner that has World Health Organisation certification and helped us with the algorithm and creation of the decision tree, we were able to launch the online indicative test for all citizens of the Czech Republic within three days. Teska Labs also assisted with testing and the ministry helped us to adapt the test to the current local regulations,” says Jindřich Lenz of Mutumutu.

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