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Estonian start-up Pipedrive opens branch in Prague

The company plans to employ 100 people at the branch, which will be its first facility in Central Europe

Estonian start-up Pipedrive opens branch in Prague Source: Startup Grind Prague

The commercial CRM start-up Pipedrive, which has branches in the Estonian cities of Tallinn and Tartu and in New York, Lisbon and London, is now opening a branch in Prague. The Czech capital will thus become the company’s fifth international location. Pipedrive developed and currently administrates a special CRM system intended for small and medium-sized enterprises, to which it provides a simple and clear form of information on the success rate of sales and serves as a guide to the process of offering services and products. The company’s value is currently in the area of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Within the next three years, Pipedrive plans to employ one hundred developers, product managers and software designers in the Czech Republic. The firm chose the Czech Republic for its expansion due to the strong local IT community and the fact that a full range of specialists from Central and Eastern Europe work here. Pipedrive intends to attract employees with its corporate culture, which earned the company the title of Estonian Dream Employer 2018, as well as the SalesTech Award 2017 and the Best Employer in the Estonian Private Sector award in 2017.

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