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According to Deloitte, the Czech Republic has the 22nd most advanced society in the world

The ranking assesses basic needs and the level of prosperity and opportunity.


The Czech Republic placed 22nd in the 2015 Social Progress Index compiled by Deloitte (a summary of the survey is available here). In the list of 133 countries, the Czech Republic was ranked in the segment of highly developed countries, ahead of Slovakia, Poland and Italy.

The analysts divided the criteria of the index into three areas, evaluating countries according to how well they meet the basic needs of their citizens, and their levels of prosperity and opportunity. The 52 evaluated indicators included access to clean water, access to information and communication, and availability of higher education.

It is apparent from the results that the world is generally doing well in terms of nutrition and basic healthcare. Conversely, access to higher education and ecological sustainability are lacking. Norway, Sweden and Switzerland topped the ranking.

A press release on the Social Progress Index is available in English here.