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LEGO has new building in Kladno; up to 600 people to be employed there

The company has been operating in the Czech Republic for 15 years. From Kladno it has key customers close at hand.


LEGO Production s.r.o., which operates in Kladno, is expanding production. On Thursday, 16 April 2015, the company unveiled its new 50,000 m2 production facility, increasing its operating capacity by 30%.

The Danish toy manufacturer employs 2,000 people in the Czech Republic. Thanks to its recent expansion in response to demand, it could eventually add 600 employees to its payroll.

LEGO Group’s expansion in Kladno is part of the company’s global strategy, on the basis of which LEGO intends to remain as close as possible to key markets. LEGO has a total of four major factories in the world.

LEGO started operations in Kladno in 2000 with an eighty-member team. Photographs of the new building in Kladno are available for viewing here.