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The Czech Republic has a long aviation tradition dating back to the early 20th century and has always had a strong presence in the sector. Over the years, the country has made a name for itself based on outstanding quality, reliability and innovation in the industry. From basic production to final aircraft assembly and cutting-edge R&D programs, the local aerospace industry has progressed significantly and simply cannot be overlooked.

The Czech aerospace industry has undoubtedly advanced to the level of global competitiveness in terms of quality and innovation while maintaining some of the advantages of an emerging market for investors. Companies such as Honeywell, GE Aviation and Safran, among others, have taken advantage of this while expanding their businesses. Join the world’s elite and invest in the Czech Republic!

The aerospace industry is now largely based on sharing knowledge and experience with partners at the national and international levels. Unique research teams work within the industry and academia. Public-private cooperation has been a key activity in the R&D area, thanks to which specialized university centers have become involved in high value-added projects. Knowledge and innovation are among the most important factors in remaining competitive at the global level and being able to advance further.

Did you know …

… more than 32,000 aircraft and 37,000 engines have been manufactured in the Czech Republic? 
… L-410 commuter turboprop aircraft made by Aircraft Industries is the most successful aircraft in its category worldwide?
… the GE H80 turboprop engine is the first engine in the history of GE Aviation to be designed and manufactured outside the US?
… the European Global Navigation Satellite System Agency, operator of the Galileo system, is the first EU regulatory body located in the Czech Republic?
...the Czech Republic operates the state-of-the-art testing laboratory of the turboprop engines that ranks among the best in the world?

Reasons to Invest:

  • hundred-year history of manufacturing excellence
  • one of the world’s largest ultralight and light sport aircraft producers
  • well-developed supplier base
  • aerostructure programs with global market leaders
  • world class aerospace R&D centers
  • modern airport infrastructure and MRO facilities
  • the Czech Republic is an ESA member and home to the GNSS Agency
  • world-class capabilities and comprehensive knowledge to construct the aircraft „in house“

Foreign Investors and Key Players in Aerospace

Aerospace attachment
Aerospace attachment
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